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Top 4 apps for video playback on Android phones

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Although all video applications are not built on an equal footing, we believe that at least these applications should have some new era features such as scrolling through gestures, subtitle processing, the ability to play almost any formats and if you plan to move from the virtual video application on Android phones Main video playback applications.

Top 4 apps for video playback on Android phones


MX Player is one of the first names to think of whenever you think of Android video players. Its simple interface and intuitive touch gestures make this app a favorite among Android users, let alone download and support translations for both hardware and software decoding.

Over the years, MX Player has provided many useful features and one of the latest features in its beta version is the Online section . This custom category shows popular videos on YouTube by your region. In addition, this video player also has a music section.


VLC is an old name in the field of video players and is a close competitor to the MX Player thanks to its rich features, and the application has a simple and uncoordinated interface, but the powerful feature is the ability to broadcast videos and songs from the computer to Android phones directly.

You can also find some basic features of the video player such as download the online translation and sleep time and the possibilities of broadcast audio and video, Moreover, VLC Player allows you to get the image mode in the PIP image in the operating system Android Oryo.

Video player in all formats

If you’ve used the app in video editing experiments, you can expect a chaotic interface, and the app brings a lot of features to the table, such as hardware acceleration and gestures, and supports almost all common video formats.

Interestingly, it has a night mode switch that you can simply turn on when you want to experience dark mode. In addition, if you want to protect some videos with a password, this app also has this option.


If you’re looking for a fuzzy video player on Android, this app might be the right app for you. It has a clean interface, intuitive controls and direct navigation, and will help you navigate through movies and videos.

A favorite feature of the app is its ability to create a GIF or a short video “from the current video track.” In addition, the option to save video will help you to a lower resolution if you plan to share the clip with your friends.