Top 20 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives for 2017

When we get rejected by Google Adsense or when we need to make extra bucks, we need alternate advertising networks. As a blogger, we believe Google AdSense is the best monetization program that pays high for the ad publishers but there are many Ad networks those pays high CPC, CPM rates. This list of Top 20 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives will help you out in making more money from your blog.


Top 20 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

1. $100 Text Ad, Display Ad,Display Ad. PayPal/ Wire transfer CLICK HERE
2. AdsOptimal $50 Mobile Ads,Display Ads,Display Ads. PayPal/ Cheque CLICK HERE
3. Infolinks $50 In text,In Search,In Tag. PayPal/Wire/ eCheque/ WU CLICK HERE
4. Amazon Associates $100 Recommend. Ads,Search Ads,Custom Ads. Gift Certificate, cheque CLICK HERE
5. Revenue Hits $50 Pop-up Ads,Leaderboard,Interstitial. PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer CLICK HERE
6. BuySell Ads $20 Banner Ads Bank transfer/ PayPal/ Cheque CLICK HERE
7. Propellar Ads $50 PopUnder Ads,Mobile Ads,Banner Ads. PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer CLICK HERE
8. Adversal $20 Banner,Pop-under, Ministitial. PayPal/ ACH/ Cheque/ Wire CLICK HERE
9. Viglink $10 VigLink Convert,VigLink Insert PayPal/ Wire transfer CLICK HERE
10. Qadabra $1 Banner Ad,Slider Ad PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer CLICK HERE
11. SkimLinks $10 SkimLinks PayPal CLICK HERE
12. Kontera $50 Inline Text Links,Banner,
PayPal/Wire/Cheque CLICK HERE
13. BlogAds $75 Banner Ads,Pop-Unders. PayPal/Wire/Cheque CLICK HERE
14. Chitika $10 Targeted Text,Mobile Ads. PayPal/Cheque CLICK HERE
15. Adsterra $100 Banners,popunders. Paypal/Payza/Bitcoin CLICK HERE
16. BidVertiser $10 Banner Ads,Mobile Ads. Paypal/Payza CLICK HERE
17. OutBrain $100 Full page,interstitial ads. PayPal/ Wire transfer/ Payoneer CLICK HERE
18. Taboola Uknown Uknown. Uknown CLICK HERE
19. Pop Ads $5 Pop Under Ad. PayPal/ Payoneer CLICK HERE
20. AdEngage $50 text ads,banner and rich,media ads PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cheque, Western Union CLICK HERE

Final Words

Any advertising network may be the best monetization advertising network but that networks are ranked less than Google Adsense.

However in order to balance the monetization of a blog/website we may use Google Adsense and alternative advertising networks by placing two or more advertising network ads on our blogs. All above Google Adsense alternative ad networks are well-rated ad companies.

Happy Earnings!