How teachers can start their educational blogging

Welcome to our latest professional learning how-to website on personal blogging! This article will guide you step by step through the process of setting up your own personal or professional education blog. One of the biggest challenges educators/teachers new to blogging face is understanding the basics of how a blog works.

Wherever you’re at we’ll step you through the tasks designed to increase your skills while providing help to support your learning. Don’t stress, have fun, and remember to ask for help by leaving a comment any time you need assistance!

The aim of this first activity is to:

  • Help you learn more about what is a blog and why educators have their own personal or professional education blog.
  • Help you set up your blog, customize your settings and change your theme.

Why Educators / Teachers Use Blogs

The main reasons why educators have personal / professional blogs include:

  • Share information, ideas and tips with other educators.
  • Collaborate with a global audience. Increased collaboration leads to greater innovation and ideas because each individual sees a different perspective. This gives all involved greater “food for thought!”
  • Reflect on learning or teaching / work practices.
  • Learn how to blog to use blogs effectively with students.
  • Create an ePortfolio.
  • Document or remember professional development for own use or accreditation.

Your Blog Audience

Determining your audience is a useful first step when commencing any writing project. Fortunately, when your writing is in the format of a blog, you have the flexibility to alter and adapt to different readers as your blog evolves. The advantage of educational blogs is that the benefits come from the journey itself.

Despite this flexibility, it’s still advantageous to give your target audience some thought when starting a new blog.

Who will be reading your blog? Perhaps your audience will include

  • Local educators
  • Global educators
  • Student teachers
  • Principals, administrators and school leaders
  • Parents (even if they’re not your target audience, they may read your work if you teach their child)

Signup for Your Blog

Your first step if you don’t currently have your own blog, or you would like to use a new blog for this challenge, is to sign up for a blog.

You can use any blogging platform you would like including Edublogs, WordPress and Blogger, however when we write detailed instructions they will refer to Edublogs. You will be able to adapt this information to the blogging platform you are using.

  1. Go to Edublogs, WordPress or Blogger
  2. Signup and Choose your blog name
  3. and Start Blogging with educational passion

If you want to start your teaching blog and you are facing any difficulty, then feel free for contacting us. You can also ask your queries in comments. Happy Teacher Blogging!