is a free, open platform for people to read, write and share posts easily online. Posts can be organized into publications, which anyone can set up. is a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you. Every day, thousands of people turn to Medium to publish their ideas and perspectives. Leaders, Artists, Thinkers And ordinary citizens who have a story to tell. Posts range from scrutinies of world affairs to deeply personal essays. Medium sifts the best of these for you and delivers them directly onto your home page.

  • is a free and open platform where anyone can express themselves. class editor makes writing simple and fun.
  • Medium easy-to-use tools make sure all your work looks great.
  • It’s simple to integrate photos, audio, and video.
  • And publishing tools allow you to write once, share anywhere.

How to Signup/Sign in for

You can Sign in by the following ways;

Sign in by email

To sign into Medium with your email address:

  1. Click Sign in / Sign Up, or visit
  2. Choose Sign in or sign up with email.
  3. Enter your email address and click Sign in.
  4. Go to your inbox and open the verification email.
  5. Click the Sign in to Medium button in the email to be redirected to Medium and signed in to your account.

The verification link will expire in fifteen minutes and can only be used once. If you run out of time or need a new email login later on, you can simply go back to and follow this same process again to get a fresh email login link.

Sign in with Twitter, Facebook or Google

To sign into Medium with Twitter:

  1. Click Sign in / Sign Up, or visit
  2. Choose Continue with Twitter and sign in.
  3. Authorize Medium to access your Twitter, Facebook or Google account.
  4. Click okay, and you’ll be redirected to Medium.

Your profile page

Your profile on Medium consists of information publicly linked to your account. To access your profile while signed in, click your avatar > click Profile. To modify it, click Edit.


Your profile includes:

  • Display name*
  • Short bio
  • Profile image
  • Linked Facebook or Twitter
  • Links to people you follow and who follow you
  • Publications you edit
  • Top Writer badges
  • Recent posts you’ve written (plus an optional Featured post)
  • Articles you’ve highlighted, recommended or responded to

How to Write a Post

To begin a new post, click Write a story from the menu at top, or go to


Enter a title, and subtitle (optional). If you don’t enter a title, the first few words of your post will be used instead.



To add some basic formatting to your story, highlight a word or phrase. This will bring up a text toolbar with available options:


You can also add a code block by typing “` (three backticks) on a new line, or create an inline bit of code by typing a single backtick at the beginning and end of the code. (Or select the text, and type a single backtick).


To add an image, go to a new line.

  1. A “+” sign will appear to the left.
  2. Click on the “camera” icon:


You can also drag and drop single or multiple images into Medium posts or copy/paste single images into a post.

Depending on the size of your image, you’ll be able to test out different placement options from the toolbar.



To embed a URL into a Medium post, go to a new line > paste the URL > press Enter. If a rich version of the embed is supported, it will be rendered automatically, or else it will become a simple embedded link in a box.


When you’re finished with your post, click Publish > add tags (optional) > click Publish again.


How to Import post

To import a post published elsewhere onto Medium:

  1. Click your user icon > Stories > Import or go to
  2. Paste the URL of the story you’d like to import into the field.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Click See your story to edit.
  5. Imported stories will automatically apply a canonical URL referencing the original source material.

As the import tool is automated, it may not work on all sources. If it does not function as expected, go to your target URL > copy the content > paste it into a new Medium draft > make any edits. Email us the Medium post URL and the original source URL and we can set a canonical link for you manually.

Final Words

So is the perfect platform to publish your stories and thoughts. It is your daily news reimagined, straight from the people who are making and living it. Discover and follow your favorite writers and the stories that matter to you, every day.

Medium is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and making it better  through their craft, their stories, and their ideas. More than a network of thinkers, though, Medium is a network of thought. Connecting people together increases their knowledge and capabilities. Connecting ideas together increases their value, as well.

Medium is not for everybody, but it’s open to everybody. It encourages participation and a diversity of opinion. Anyone can earn influence on Medium via the value of their ideas, thoughtfulness of their responses, or quality of their rhetoric.

Ev Williams, Founder of Medium