Blog Marketing Resources

If you have started a new blog recently and is thinking how to promote your blog then the following resources should help you.

1. 15 Types of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic | Quick Sprout — It’s a list of 15 different types of content that can drive traffic to your blog. This blog post tells you how to do it with additional tips on how to make it even better.

2. Double Your Traffic In 30 Days | Quick Sprout — It’s a step-by-step plan by Neil Patel & Sherice Jacob — that’s more effective for beginners — to double your website’s traffic in 30 days. The good thing about this resource is that instead of writing a lengthy 10,000 word article they created a step-by-step action plan in an easy to consume way that you can follow over the next 30 days. It’s not too lengthy so I would say do your homework after each step instead of finishing on the very first day.

3. 21 Tactics To Increase Blog Traffic | Moz — It’s a list of blogging tactics by Rand Fishkin that’s updated every year. It’s a great place to start with for beginners as it covers almost all aspects of blog marketing in a single blog post.

4. 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies | Robbie Richards — It’s a list of 16 content promotion strategies that you can use to amplify the reach of your next blog post. And the good thing……it explains the strategies using a set of tools so that anybody can try it.

5. 31 Ways To Promote Blog Posts And Get Blog Traffic | NicheHacks — It’s a list of 31 on-page and off-page content promotion strategies that you can use to promote your blog posts. You can also explore this, this, this, and this blog post for more such ideas. The only problem is… it will take a lot of time (and some money too) to learn and execute these strategies as a good percentage of them are off-page ideas.

6. Want More Traffic That Actually Converts? Follow These 4 Steps… | Backlinko — It’s a 4-step action plan by Brian Dean to increase your traffic. This blog post tells you how to pitch influencers in your niche and how to create content that your influencers care about.

7. 7 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 206% | Neil Patel — It’s a comprehensive blog post by Neil Patel where he lists 7 traffic generation strategies that he used to triple his blog’s traffic. Most of the strategies that he has discussed may sound familiar to you but he gave a new approach to them.

8. How To Reach 100,000,000 Unique Visitors In Just 6 Months | ViperChill — It’s about how to hit your 100,000 visits a month goal in 6 months by starting a Facebook campaign. Yes, it needs a marketing budget. This blog post by Glen Allsopp also includes some websites that are getting a massive traffic from Facebook.

9. How I Increased Traffic 272% In 30 Days (Without Spending A Penny) | Robbie Richards — It’s about how Robbie Richards increased the traffic of his one month old blog by 272% in 30 days without any marketing budget. This blog post tells you how to find great content ideas and how to drive thousands of visits to your next blog post even when you don’t have any “connections”.

10. How To Grow A New Website To Over 100,000 Organic Visits Per Month | SEO Nick — It’s a case study about how Nick built a website that’s getting over 100,000 visits a month, in less than a year, without spending a penny on advertising. This blog post had gone viral when it was published and got over 500 comments. The domain name of the blog was registered just a couple of months before its launch and it hit 100,000 visits in 9 months and he achieved it through 100% SEO and content strategy.

Final Words

There are thousnads of blog marketing resources and if I missed any resource that you think should be on this list then let me know as a comment below and I will be happy to review it personally and add it to the list.