How to Avoid Common Errors When Writing an Email

It is no secret that professional communication between companies and other professional and more, based on e-mail and e-mails, and the following are some of the mistakes we all make:

  • Writing long, indistinguishable paragraphs, in which many points and sentences are not clear, you should always divide your thoughts into small paragraphs with explanatory points.
  • The majority of people are the problem of not knowing the choice of a good title or a suitable term for the subject box at the top, you need to clarify what you want and do not hesitate to never write words are not clear in this box.
  • Spelling mistakes is an e-mail disaster, where you should read what you wrote dear, well before sending, so as not to fall in the unprofessional, these mistakes reflect your personality a lot.
  • Ignore the response, you and the occurrence of this disaster, which indicates the lack of professionalism and moral, certain delayed response but do not ignore and forget the subject never.

Avoid these things on social networks

Social networks have a wide range of platforms and sites that contain millions of pages and accounts, so you enter a world that is no different from our real life. Here are some things you should avoid:

Forget about privacy

Each social network provides special settings to protect the privacy of the user and the content that he or she publishes. For example, the Facebook network gives you many options for who you want to share your personal publications with.

However, many users ignore these settings to find that their photos they want to share with friends have become available to everyone. So, you should be aware when posting any information or image on social networks as well as adding information to your profile.

Lack of doubt and permanent ratification

Over the past few months, false news has become increasingly prevalent on social networks. Although social networks have taken some measures to curb this phenomenon, they are still very widespread.

Publication details details

Social networks are basically found to share your special moments with the people you care about, or the moments you deserve to share with your friends. But it is not reasonable to publish every meal you take on your Instagram account, for example.