All You Need to Know About the Problem of Slowing iPhone

Apologized company Apple officially for slow mobile iPhone old promised users affected by changing batteries old to another new compared to the price of a discount of 29 dollars instead of 79 dollars, the beginning of January 2018.

According to the company the system operation is slowing down phones old to treat the problems of special batteries, lithium-ion battery obsolete, when getting old battery, they are not able to maintain the shipping in sound and possible that you close the phone automatically if you have been placed under the pressure of severe, so the system operating prevents it from The incidence of by slowing down the performance of the phone.

You can consider that the process of swapping, which will not become your phone as smooth and fast as I used it, but in contrast , will not be based with closure automatically due to the battery .

This led recognition of the company to many of the comments angry on the Internet from the audience, and raised a lot of questions, I thought many of the users that the company is so since a period of long to force them to buy phones modern from the phone company, and criticized many of the users also lack of transparency of Apple regarding the batteries .

What happens to the batteries for iPhone when advancing in age?

Not able batteries to maintain the capacity complete with progress in age, may suffer from problems larger if you become shipped low or in degrees of heat cold, and will not play your battery charge more than 80 in percent after the 500 process of charging, and this means lower for shipping also .

If they battery your old or working in the atmosphere of heat cold, it is the closure of the phone is suddenly as happened with phones 6 iPhone and iPhone 6S in the year past , as they seek treatments of these phones to reach a speed higher but was not able batteries to deal with this force, So they were doing Close the phone instead of it .

Is this the time the first that is where the company is modifying the system operating to extend the life of the battery?

Do not the time first, where he focused Apple for a long on management power to enable you to use the device for the longest period possible .

Provided the company ” pattern of energy low ” with the system running iOS 9 in the year 2015 to prolong the life of the battery, when it becomes the level of the battery 20 in percent, and then become 10 in percent , you will get a notice you from running mode ” mode power low ” push fast, which is reduced the degree of brightness of the screen, And reduce the effects of the movement system and limit the applications that operate in the background, and when it reaches your phone to the level of charging higher is closing this mode are automatic .

The company Apple also provide features to save energy in computers Mac, and , for example, is not limited to , the system running Mac or OS X Mavericks , issued in 2013 , at the time, which is where the user to open many of the applications , but does not use them to reduce the resources of treatment used in these programs as long Not used by the user.

How does the phone slow down feature work ?

Said the company Apple it made from the beginning of the system operating your iOS 10.2.1 , methods of managing energy better to deal with the batteries of old, where the system operating by slowing down the phone to prevent the closing self so in cases of degrees of heat cold, or low energy shipping or with batteries old too .

To assist in the management of the consumption of energy, not the processor your phone to complete the task very on the spot, but instead of it will organize the effort on several attempts, and what you’ll see already on your phone is some slowness in movement screens and will run applications are slow and will not respond to the phone quickly to your orders .

When to start the feature in the work?

Works feature only in the case of batteries old in the mobile iPhone, or in the case of low charging the battery, where the feature is also slow down your phone in case the degree of temperature low .

What are the phones that exist by this feature?

Phones which released its updated iOS 10.2.1 in the year past and is the iPhone 6, 6 the Plus , and also 6S, 6S the Plus, SE , was brought this feature also with the system running iOS 11.2 on phones the iPhone 7, 7 the Plus , and will be brought in the future for the rest of Company equipment .

Does it affect this feature is also on devices iPad and Mac?

It does not target this feature of these devices because they contain the batteries larger .

How do I replace my phone battery?

Faced company Apple since the long many of the criticisms of the difficulty of replacing the batteries for iPhone, which came many of the phones Android old cover Negotiable removable which allows users to replace batteries devices easily .

But if you have a phone for iPhone, it has the company designed the phone from the base without side rear Negotiable removable, and it so you can put the battery larger in size smaller .

It should be noted to the company promised users affected by changing the battery old to their phones to another new compared to the price of a discount of 29 dollars beginning from January 2018 instead of 79 dollars, which is considered Apple this part of her apology for what has done .

What happens if you put a new battery into your old phone ?

If you replace the battery phone battery new will close feature slowing down the phone automatically, and will it like you have a phone again .

What if you buy a phone for iPhone 6S New? Will it begin to slow down immediately?

No, will feature only if you become battery your old or used phone in degrees temperature is low too .

Why do I feel my phone slow when I upgrade my operating system to a newer version ?
Whenever the company Apple offer versions modern of system operating your iOS , complain that many of the users of phones iPhone older than slow their devices, but not the reason in that this feature, but it may be the reason in it is full space storage, or may be connected Wi – Fi is slow down Your phone as well To some other possibilities .

It is the company Apple do so in order to force me to buy a phone again?

It denies the company this reason exactly, The feature that provided aims to reverse completely, they want to give your phone a longer period possible, but with that the company did not show that it may be it all what it needs is a battery new to get the phone faster .