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eHow.PK is Pakistan’s How-to website with a large number of articles, tutorials and videos offering easy and step-by-step instructions for everything. In short eHow.PK is a worldwide collaboration of thousands of people focused on one goal teaching anyone in the world how to do anything. So eHow.PK is how-to write and how-to learning website.

Who we are?

We launch/found eHow.PK in March 2017 website for educational and learning purpose. The idea was to convey the knowledge in English and Urdu, and we want to start from lower level. We put our hearts into giving you the most helpful how-to guides on the Internet. So, eHow.PK is perfect how-to learning website that will help you in how-to problems.


Zulfiqar Anees

Zulfiqar Anees is a Professional Blogger, Web Designer, SEO Expert and Teacher who has been working since 2012 and is Managing Several Successful Websites on the Internet for last 5 years. He is Founder/CEO at http://techmag.com.pk, http://www.ehow.pk and http://www.viralbizarre.com/. He belongs to Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan.

  • Email: zulfiqaranees@gmail.com
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Muhammad Dilshad

Muhammad Dilshad is a programmer,  web designer and teacher. He completed his BS.CS from The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan.

Hafiz Muhammad Irshad

Hafiz Muhammad Irshad is an IT expert and programmer and he is contributing in eHow.pk development. He is serving in Police IT department, Bahawalpur.

Our Mission

We can do anything! Need to know how?

Your’s Feedback

We monitor the feedback readers leave on each article. If an article is accurate but incomprehensible, we rewrite it. If our illustrations don’t simplify the complex, we redraw them. If you have any query or suggestion, please feel free for your feedback.

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