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6 Tips for attending the FIFA World Cup 2018

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Any big event attracts cyber criminals and the FIFA World Cup 2018 will not be an exception. For scammers, it is an opportunity to celebrate the money and personal data of fans who plan to travel to the event or see it or try it in any way. Here are some tips to help you World Cup.

  • World Cup tickets If you are planning to attend a World Cup match in person, FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets are available exclusively on the FIFA website , but you should not be interested in browsing the web for alternatives. If you see a ticketing center elsewhere, this may be a trap. If the price is too tempting, using a third-party site will cause a gap in your wallet without any ticket to show. Remember that game cards are allocated and you will be asked to show your identity at the entrance to the stadium. You are allowed access.
  • Do not buy goods from spammers. In the run-up to the celebration, e-mail messages flow into special offers for a team and other World Cup-related goods. At best, goods are sold at inflated prices, Spam getting your money.
  • Do not fall into the trap of junk mail for lotteries and gifts, cyber criminals tend to emerge as one of the many sponsors of the World Cup, offering free trips or video games as bait, and some gifts are sure to be true, but most of these emails are phishing messages Trying to convince you to hand over personal data in exchange for a chance to win, for example, a trip or a player’s shirt, and some scammers step forward and try to extract the logins and passwords to the original gaming accounts by promising users a free copy of FIFA World Cup 2018 if they did By clicking the link and enter their data.
  • Do not use the services of questionable sites that offer accommodation or plane tickets cheaply, as booking accommodation and flights only on sites that you know are trustworthy and even then do not do so unless you make sure that the actual location is not a cheating version looking to pass Your data.
  • Watch the broadcast only on FIFA World Cup 2018 official FIFA site. Some of the game broadcast services should be informal and mission-critical to visitors. Make sure you take some security measures and install an anti-virus and anti-phishing solution built into the web.
  • VPN, if you go to Russia, use a VPN to connect to the Internet. Following the government’s attempt to block Telegram , many of Russia’s famous sites will be either unavailable or unstable.